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Is Your Communications Game Ready for a New Year?

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to think strategically about your communications plan. Sure, it's great to knock it out before the end of the year to hit the ground running in January, but the truth is many companies aren't in the right place (or employees in the best frame of mind) to think about the year ahead in December.

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With many businesses taking time off to allow for rest and rejuvenation over the holiday season, January brings renewed interest and fresh perspective. In my opinion, it's the perfect time to craft or update your communications plan.

I took advantage of this renewed energy to build a proper website for Corner Office Communications. Admittedly, I had one in development for years, but always prioritized client work over working on my business. Having just celebrated COC's 5-year anniversary, it was time to get it done. As is sometimes necessary, I scrapped something that felt tiresome and began anew. Within weeks I built the site...and am happy to introduce it today!

I hope the new site inspires you to reflect on your own communications strategy. Stay tuned for an upcoming feature on the basic components of a winning communications strategy...and reach out if you're ready to start! A little planning can help you quickly step up your game in 2017.

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